Kiwanis Kingsway Humber’s Financial Support for Haven on the Queensway Community Centre

Feb 28, 2022 | 0 comments

This weekend, Kiwanis Kingsway Humber provided $3,000 to support the outreach programs of Haven on the Queensway which provides much need services for those facing hardship and challenges in our community.

Members of the Kiwanis Queensway at the Haven on the Queensway Community CentreHumber Club at the

The team visited with Heather Fullerton Director of Development, (left) and Aretha Khaloo, Executive Director of Haven (right) and had the opportunity to hear how all the Haven’s services have had to expand during coronavirus. To support the increase in demand Haven’s operational budget has had to double from last year’s amount.

To provide the increase of essential support to our community who depend on Haven they are incredibly thankful to donors like Kiwanis Kingsway Humber for their funding and in-kind donations throughout the year.

Lincoln (holding up the Kiwanis Kingsway Humber sign) raised $800 in his own fundraiser to support Haven’s outreach programs by making a cake in the design of Haven’s building – shown above. A project that took many hours but thrilled everyone that came over to see the cake which was on display at Haven’s Coldest Night of the Year event attended by hundreds of supporters.

Our Kiwanis funding will be directed to Haven’s First Care Programs to provide essential items to new mothers who lack the finances to give their babies all the essential start-up items such as diapers, bottles, clothing, formula, toys, blankets, body lotion, towels, baby bath and more.

Our funding will help provide monthly support to new mothers in Haven’s Mother and Tots First Care Program for up to two years. In addition, some of the funding will provide sleeping bags for youth living on the streets of our city.

Haven operates an outreach vehicle that provides food, water, sleeping bags, winter clothing and housing/safety counselling and the assistance of a nurse that travels with the team every Tuesday and Thursday to connect with homeless and hungry.

The Kiwanis Kingsway Humber also provided 25 filled backpacks for Haven’s Got Your Back Campaign thanks to Staples Queensway and dozens of gift bags of toiletries for Mother’s Day. And many dozens of new books that were given to us as part of a donation from a local school.

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