The Kiwanis Club of Kingsway Humber and Partner Support for Ukraine

Jun 13, 2023 | 0 comments

The Kiwanis Club of Kingsway Humber has been funding support for the people of Ukraine over many months. With club funding, members have searched out items urgently needed by children, adults, rescuers and front line workers. By joining with their Etobicoke and GTA Ukrainian networks, friends and generous folks in the community, they have been receiving information on the most vital needs across Ukraine.

The club has provided dozens and dozens of new student backpacks, school supplies, erasers, scissors, rulers, construction paper, pencil cases, stickers, lunch bags, 100 plus activity books, coloured pencils, markers, colouring books, boxes of chalk, packets of crayons, 25 Canadian puzzles, games, toys, alphabetic learning books, school books and more. Members packed all the items in sturdy thick plastic bags and placed them into 8 large shipping boxes.

Read the full Newsletter here.

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